At PERMAGSA we have the philosophy of continuous improvement and innovation, in order to always be able to offer the best solutions. We like to be one step ahead and that is why we assign significant financial and human resources to R+D+i, collaborating with different organizations, companies and universities that allow us to always be at the forefront of our sector.

The company has developed numerous research projects for the improvement of the characteristics of our already produced machines. These projects have been essential to develop the flagship products of our product catalog and extend their application to other fields such as electricity generation.

Thanks to our R+D activity, the company has a complete range of permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM) with high energy efficiency, low weight and small dimensions and is continually expanding its product catalog by offering, in addition to our elevator motors, servo motor solutions, high torque motors for industry and motors for electric vehicles. For this, we have also collaborated with different European companies, as well as various Spanish universities.

Tailor made products

We develop tailor made products for specific needs, carrying out the analysis, design and manufacture of the prototype or even the final product.

Permagsa project



We propose precise and reliable solutions for every need, in these case we designed a high capacity motor, 3 kNm, for industrial application.

Permagsa project



We are facing a new era in the cargo and passenger transportation industry. At PERMAGSA we work every day to design electric motors adapted to the needs of each client. And in this case we designed a motor within an international wire transport project.


We collaborate with the most prestigious universities and technological centres for the research and development of PM machines and generators with different applications.

Ita innova
Mondragon Unibertsitatea

Simulation programs

We use the most innovative and powerful simulation programs to be able to carry out precise calculations of the developments and products that we will carry out. This allows us to optimize all electromagnetic components of our developments.

Simulation programs

New development center

Our new facilities are designed to keep better spaces, systems and equipment for the development of R+D projects. Among other things, in a short period of time we will have a large “real lift” that will allow us to carry out better and more precise tests with large motors, with greater test coverage.

Permagsa development center

Prototypes & quality

We test and verify all aspects of our developments in our own simulators. We also collaborate with organizations that allow us to carry out specific tests for elevator motors or check electromagnetic compatibility and deviation of the simulated elements.

This allows us to carry out quality developments, validated by different certifications.

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Selling Technology

For everything seen above, we are able to develop technology for other companies that need to integrate some of our developments into a larger project, or if they need a specific custom development. In these cases we go hand in hand with the client, accompanying throughout the process, from initial advice, product development, training for the production, technical support...

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Selling Technology

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