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Founded in 1965

The company was founded in 1965 by Juan Ramos and Patxi Leiza, experts winders, devoted to the construction and repair of motors for special applications, among others PERMANENT MAGNET MOTORS.

Due to the serious work and high quality, the company has had steady growth.

Our business today

  • Elevator industry
  • Industrial aplications
  • Electric vehicle
  • Renewable

Nowadays, PERMAGSA is one of the biggest motor manufacturers of Europe, developing synchonous PM motors as motors for the lift industry, servo motors, electric vehicle motors or tailor made motors. We count among our customers the largest elevator installers in Germany.

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Why work with us


We have more than 50 years experience in the development of permanent magnet synchronous motors for the industry, such as power plants, servo motors, cranes, etc.

In all these years we have developed a work methodology based on the client’s needs.

How we work

More than
50 years


We use the most innovative and powerful Finite Element Methods programs to analyze and optimize all electromagnetic components of the motor, developing the engines of the highest quality and adaptability.

Clous listed


Our commitment to continuous improvement and collaboration with the most prestigious universities and technology centres, allows us to implement the latest technologies in the design and manufacture of our engines, being able to offer our clients personalized and innovative solutions.

More about R+D+i

Ita innova
Mondragon Unibertsitatea


We have a human team in constant training and evolution and all the most advanced technical equipment for the development of the latest technology in motors for the industry. In its facilities, PERMAGSA has a real lift, test tower and several benches on which machines, new developments, different types of materials, components and any requirement that our customers need are tested.

2 test towers

1 real lift for test

2 test benches

Flexibility and adaptability

One of our most important advantages is the flexibility and adaptability of our machines and services to the needs of each project and client. We propose precise and reliable solutions for every need and we take into account all the parts involved, from distribution to setting, so we have developed a system that facilitates the installation of our motors.

Also with key customers, PERMAGSA opens assembly factories in customer house.

Our human and technical equipment and our adaptability make us capable of developing customized tailor made solutions.

Personalized attention

In house projects

Tailor made solutions

Two production and development centres

Global presence

EC: European business, Engineering & Production Center



graduated in higher grades


engineers of various branches such as electricity, electronics, mechanics, telecommunications...


test towers


real lift for test


test benches

  • Short delivery time
  • Development of new technologies
  • R+D+i
  • Design
  • Quality control

OPC: Overseas Production Center





graduated in higher grades


engineers of various branches such as electricity, electronics, mechanics, telecommunications...


motors daily manufactured


real lift for test

  • Mass production
  • Cost optimization

New Development Unit Centre

The evolution of our developments requires more modern and functional facilities, so we will soon move to a new headquarters that will allow greater innovation and efficiency for the manufacture of our engine projects.

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